Monday, August 16, 2010

Now that's a movie poster!

Movie posters these days are mostly drab and unimaginative, so when someone gets it right they deserve a little praise.  The other night while wandering through my local multiplex, I came across two posters that really stood out from the crowd.

I love this classy retro poster for The American.  It looks like it came right out of the sixties or early seventies when Hollywood routinely made smart, serious, adult thrillers and audiences actually wanted to go see them. 

And then there's this poster for Piranha 3D which riffs on the poster for the original 1978 Piranha, which was itself a play on the poster for Jaws.  This just screams good trashy fun to me.  Even though this is supposedly the French poster for the film, this is the one I saw in the lobby of the theater.  Just without all that Frog language on top.


Sharky Marie P.G. said...

Agreed regarding both posters. They're pretty bad ass.

Camevil said...

That Piranha poster is too cool for words.