Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let Jerry Stay Lonely

I don't know, maybe he's doing it to prove a point.  Maybe he needs the money.  Hell, it's possible that he really and truly just loves playing.  Whatever the reason, though, I just can't stand to see Jerry Only and what passes for the Misfits these days.  Especially not when there are plenty of other good horror rock bands out there.  Of course chances are, most of these bands will be opening for the Misfits when they come to your town this Halloween season, so if you absolutely must go, go early and support these lesser known bands.  You don't really need that "Crimson Ghost" shirt, buy some merch from the opening acts instead.  I already covered Fort Wayne, IN's Grave Robber in an earlier blog, and here are a few more bands that will rock your crypt.

Calabrese - "Backseat of My Hearse" (Arizona)

Cult of the Psychic Fetus - "In My Coffin" (Ohio)

Diemonsterdie - "One Night at Devil's Rock" (Utah)

The Lurking Corpses - "Graveyard Devourment" (Indiana)

Others - "My Lips Are Dead" (New York)

Others - My Lips Are Dead

Others - Dark Prince Rise - Out Now!|MySpace Music Videos

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