Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA Nonsense

I try really hard not to pay attention to mainstream music these days, but sometimes it's unavoidable. For instance this thing with Kanye West making an ass of himself at the Video Music Awards, held this past Sunday at Radio City Music Hall. Taylor Swift won the award for "best female video", which apparently displeased Mr. West. In his opinion, Beyonce should have won because her video is "one of the best videos of all time." So in the middle of Ms. Swift's acceptance speech, Kanye got up on stage to make his displeasure known.

It's kind of like herpes won an award for "best STD". Then some drunken crack whore got pissed off and stood up to shout that gonorrhea is better. Because as any fool can see, the puss that drips out of your pee hole from a good case of the clap is more visually appealing than a festering mass of sores.

Lest you think me completely heartless, I do feel a little bad for Taylor Swift. She's only 19 and actually writes or co-writes all her songs, something few other pop artists these days can claim. I may not care for what she does, but she didn't deserve to have her moment disrupted by an over-rated attention whore like Kanye West, a man who is only considered a "genius" because the standards have been lowered so far that mediocrity is the new high water mark. Then again, I'm guessing the millions of dollars Swift has made off of her supposed country music (with apologies to David Alan Coe, if that's country, I'll kiss your ass) will help ease some of the pain.

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